Cream for the treatment of joint pain, arthritis and osteoarthritis

Propolis cream wax Zdorov

Propolis cream wax Zdorov
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Zdorov propolis cream-wax is known to many as a cream for the treatment of joint pain, arthritis and osteoarthritis. Now you can buy the product at a 50% discount.

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You can place your order only by filling in the fields and phone numbers of the fields on the official website. Zdorov cream costs only45 €

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Zdorov propolis cream wax has long proved to be an effective tool for the treatment of joint pain in Romania. The main component of the cream is propolis; It is known to help well with arthritis and osteoarthritis. The cream also has an analgesic effect, which is important for joint diseases.

Zdorov propolis cream wax in Romania

Bees and hives

Zdorov propolis cream wax is an effective remedy for arthritis and osteoarthritis. The cream stops inflammation in the joints, while eliminating pain and swelling.

Doctors recommend using Zdorov cream-wax as soon as possible to prevent joints. The most dangerous diseases that can be prevented if prevention is started in time: osteochondrosis, osteoporosis, ankylosing spondylitis.

The cream has 100% natural ingredients and thus achieves a positive effect quickly after use. The procedure can be performed at home, without medical supervision.

Propolis is the main ingredient in Zdorov cream. This component can withstand heat treatment without losing its properties. Propolis contains about 1. 5 different chemical compounds that have a healing effect when interacting with each other. In addition, propolis is a good anesthetic, when in contact with the skin, it produces albumin, which protects the skin from external irritants and thus relieves pain.

Propolis began to be used to treat wounds and burns in the 19th century, and its medicinal properties were scientifically substantiated in 1954. Currently, bee propolis is a well-known antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory agent.

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Cream for the treatment of joint pain, arthritis and osteoarthritis Zdorov has long proven itself as the most effective tool for the treatment of joints. The drug has been developed taking into account the various effects on the musculoskeletal system as a whole. While creating the cream, the various actions of natural substances on a human being were studied and their optimal proportions were drawn up. The drug brings significant relief after the first use.

Regular use of Zdorov cream slows down bone destruction. The drug has a warming effect, due to which the beneficial trace elements penetrate into the tissues of the joint.

Therapeutic properties of the cream:

A painful joint

Thanks to the use of Zdorov wax cream, the motor function of the joint is restored. The natural ingredients in the cream allow the drug to be used not only for therapeutic purposes, but also to prevent joint diseases.

When should I use Zdorov cream wax?

It is recommended to start using Zdorov Cream Wax immediately after the following symptoms:

Basically, the first sign of the disease is a crisis in the joints. Many do not pay attention to such obvious signs. Experts recommend that you immediately take the first steps for treatment, use a joint cream and consult a doctor.

What pathologies does the cream help against?

Hand with a painful joint

The main list of diseases that fight with cream-wax:

The cream is recommended for use when there is poor mobility, changes in the shape of the joints and swelling. Also, the drug is recommended for older people with a sedentary lifestyle.

Doctors recommend buying a cream for the joints, not only for treatment but also for prevention.


The cream contains only natural ingredients.

The main components are:

How to order medicine

The safest way to buy the product is on the official website, in Romania the price of Zdorov cream-wax is only45 €. When ordering from the official website, you can be 100% sure that you will get the original product.

Where can I buy Zdorov in Romania?

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